Frosty Tool Suite [v1.0.4.2]

This tool will allow you to mod FIFA 17 and FIFA 18 files and textures for the first time!

Here the features of the latest version:


  • Fixed the modding process for Star Wars: Battlefront II after the latest patch changed the layout
  • Added taskbar progress to all tasks with a progress bar
  • Fixed issue with new projects with no modifications were being autosaved


  • Config selection at launch
  • SVG Preview/Import/Export
  • AtlasTexture Preview/Import/Export
  • DelayLoadBundle explorer for DAI
  • IES Preview
  • NFS Payback support
  • Dialog paths saved to INI
  • New mod export window
  • Mod settings saved to project, mod author can also be set in INI to be used as default using category ModSettings and key Author
  • Various prompts to save project if unsaved
  • Autosave with options settable in INI using category Autosave and keys MaxCount and Period
  • Various UI tweaks
  • Auto hash text entered into int/uint fields and convert from hex if starting with 0x
  • Ebx writing speed improvements per change
  • Using actual Frostbite BRDF’s in mesh preview renderer
  • Some classes now have descriptions
  • Saving project will correctly update open tab headers
  • Copy/Paste for property grid for all basic object types
  • Insert and RemoveAll added to list context menu
  • daimod files can be imported and configured via Frosty Mod Manager
  • Variation database now only loads when opening a mesh for the first time (speeds up initial loading)
  • Prompt appears when opening an asset, instead of freezing UI on large assets
  • Data is accessible and editable while the game is running
  • “Find in Data Explorer” will now clear the Search Filter
  • You can now double click a class to create it in the Class Selection window
  • Filter auto focused on class selection window open
  • Improvements to texture import logic



  • Added bookmark folders
  • Added bookmark renaming
  • Added Fifa18 game profile
  • Added scrollable tab control for the main tab panel (instead of stacking)
  • Added custom splash screen banners for each supported game
  • Added new task dialog, provides more feedback during import/export activities
  • Added new view modes for mesh preview (Base/Specular color, Normals, MaterialAO, Smoothness, Metallic, Reflectance, Reflections and Ambient)
  • Changes to mesh materials are now reflected dynamically in render viewport (For tints/colors that have been implemented in the shader)
  • Rendering improvements across all games (except NFS). Preview should now reflect game rendering more closely.
  • Fixed numerous issues with composite mesh previews and mesh preview state
  • Fixed sound preview to disable export/play buttons on unsupported sounds, and correctly reports sound has been exported
  • Moved back to v1.0.2b bcrypt.dll until issues can be resolved properly

Download fix for FIFA 18
You need to replace “bcrypt.dll” file into “FrostyModManager_v1.0.3alpha4\ThirdParty” folder and in your FIFA 18 directory folder. Afterwards, you need to replace “initfs_Win32” file into “FIFA 18\Patch” folder.


  • Fixed bcrypt.dll compilation issues
  • Fixed issue with DAI infinite load when a specific bundle was edited
  • Fixed issue with DAI and insufficient memory, attempting to load localized texts
  • Fixed crash with previewing and exporting meshes in SWBF and Fifa17


  • Fixed out of date SDK used in MEA
  • Disabled non working import button from sounds
  • Packaged fifaconfig workaround with editor

Frosty Editor

  • Fixed an issue with compressing certain files (Compression Failed error)
  • LZ4 compression now used to compress data for games that use it (MEC, SWBF)
  • Drastically reduced time and storage capacity it take to apply mods for all games
  • Implemented new texture formats for preview and export
  • Added Searching/Filtering of assets in the data explorer
  • Added the ability to save bookmarks
  • Added more advanced asset editing capabilities, including class instantiation, and removing elements from the middle of arrays
  • Added mesh 3d preview (import to come)
  • Added sound preview and export (import to come)
  • Added lua asset editing (with lua compilation if required)
  • Added support for DragonAge, NeedForSpeed, Fifa17
  • Added rudimentary legacy file editing support for Fifa17

Frosty Mod Manager

  • LZ4 compression now used to compress data for games that use it (MEC, SWBF)
  • Drastically reduced time and storage capacity it take to apply mods for all games
  • Numerous other bug fixes


Tutorial on how to mod FIFA 17 with Frosty Tool

Tool made by GalaxyMan2015

Auto Install PC Compatible Win10 Compatibility


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