Today we have small update – GAME TWEAKER & UPDATES for FIFA 11 PC. This tool will let you choose some setting not exist in-game. Customizing and tweaking in some ways.


***** version 0.9
+ FROZEN SCREEN reason: low pc with 1GB RAM
(*) Solution: uncheck PERFECT SKIP INTRO
+ Black stadium reason: some stadiums only have 1 condition type (e.g: STADIUM HANGUK: NIGHT ONLY)
(*) Solution: uncheck USE DAY/NIGHT OVERRIDE

***** version 0.8 (0.7 FIXED)

+ Fixed FREEZE screen



***** version 0.7

+ PERFECT SKIP INTRO (Found by Meerkan |

(*) Fast skip intro with LOAD PROFILE.


***** version 0.6

+ Disable/Enable AUDIO

+ DAY/NIGHT override (*)
(*) This option will override time condition in game, with a box ticked, the game will use your setting.
(*) There are 4 (Sunny, Overcast, Night and Dusk). Some stadiums DO NOT support NIGHT/DUSK, please set SUNNY for best setting or use it at your own risk.
(*) To restore original, exit game, uncheck and SAVE.
***** version 0.5

+ Windowed MODE

+ Disable/Enable NIS transition
+ Disable/Enable cinematics (for low user)
+ Weather OVERRIDE (Choose unique weather effect for all matches ingame or not)
+ LOCK RNA.INI (Prevent online sofware overwriting RNA.INI configuration file)
+ Add-ON CODE (for testing purpose only)





This tool will let you choose some setting not exist in-game. Customizing and tweaking in some ways.


* For Windows Vista/7 user, please set RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR .


– Install to FIFA 11 PC folder

– Click on GAME TWEAKER icon on desktop to launch.

======HOW TO USE

1) Launch TOOL
2) Set FIFA 11 PC
3) Choose Setting
4) Click SAVED
5) Start GAME from desktop icon or click START
6) Once SETTING SAVED, you can exit TOOL
7) Keep TOOL running if you want to use HOTKEY to exit game.
+ CHECKED: the game will use DEFAULT profile, you can pass to ARENA, but you can’t SAVE or LOAD profile. Moreover, all
others setting not visible. NOT RECOMMENDED.
*** Weather feature: if game menu says “RAINY”, with SUNNY set, you will play match with NO 3D RAIN EFFECT. The game is
rainy in deed.
– You can type your code to “ADD-ON CODE”
– Delete RNA.INI at FIFA 11 PC\Game\
***** version 0.9  (10.2 MB)


Report Missing File !

Author: MonkeyDragon


  1. hi i do that but when i go run the game…the game not starting plx help! =))

  2. i change the seetings i save the file i go to run tha game and the game not running…. please help!! =))

  3. Hi. anyone knws the “ADD-ON CODE” i wannna use the advanced settings.

  4. Hey

    “Type the location of the fifa folder in the box that says
    ‘Enter FIFA 11 PC path here. E.g: C:\FIFA 11\’
    All it does is just replace what I typed. plz cn i get some help with this?

  5. I don’t see anywhere ”Choose settings” 😐

  6. can i get the link of fifa 11 game tweaker v0.6

  7. add israeli league and natnional team!!

  8. firstly i agree 100% with @disqus_BbxEqjpwxk:disqus…and i want to add my ideas…if you can get fully licensed (except from BPL) La Liga Serie A and Bundesliga…(stadiums, referee kits, scoreboards)…fifa 16 was too slow…fifa 17 MUST be faster…please in fifa 17 put POV camera…that will be great…it will simulate exactly how football players see inside the pitch…and please remove the women teams…football is men’s sport

  9. I truly wish for added features in manager mode inspired from real life. Also ballond’Or and UEFA europe player of the year presentations.

  10. Can i ask on this thread if anyone has Fifa 16 crack for pc? please share !

  11. I think that it would be nice if EA decided to finally improve offline player career. The AI and bad camera make this mode in my opinion unplayable.
    I hope that the developers will continue their policy in terms of the game’s immersion, but this year I think it would be nice to improve the press conference system, news and mails. It’s all about making the game more responsive.
    Following the aforementioned improvements in the mypro or whatever it would be called mode, it would be great if EA created a simulation of a path from a player in the 6th league to a world class one. Just please, not sth like in nba2k16. I would focus on the mailing system as it is easier to implement and if it is made properly it can cover much wider period in your career than the system in nba.
    The thing that definitely has to be changed is the simplicity of the career mode. The amount of transfers is too high and it is too easy to buy every single player in the game (they almost always agree). A club should be at least reluctant to sell its crucial player.
    In terms of the manager career mode I would add a Staff system. It would be based on hireing Staff that would advise the player. Following this change I would make the game slightly more complex, so that fans of games about managing a football team could play the next fifa or at least speak about it without laughing. Players that prefer an arcade-style game would have the Staff handle all too complex things and just focus on playing. It would involve improving modules like training.
    Creating more complicated system in online modes like seasons and proclubs is also a good idea.

  12. fifa got a new engine last year but its become stale

  13. they cant no license :

  14. New commentator, not just martin tyler and alan smith, especially for the barclays premier league commentator. starhead facescan, several player are not the similar as the real life, automatic boots. player movements and gesture need to be improved. interview after match, manager faces, pov camera to manager.

  15. Overall gameplay, Much much better graphics, improved impact system, smarter goalies, dynamic weather(long overdue), extra animations, sweat, injury treatment(in-game option), improved multiplayer system, more realistic fans(it takes more than just gameplay to get you into the game) and enough with the predictable and boring end of league/tournament celebration ceremonies aaarggg!!!! doesn’t feel rewarding at all…… I think they are gonna need a NEW ENGINE!!!

  16. take away saudi lge and republic of ireland lge. put in ukranian lge, greece lge, croatian lge, brazil lge, japanese lge, pleaseee

  17. Hairstyles are a huge deal in the soccer world. Players like Pogba, Mastour, and Neymar need to look more realistic. Player models should be more in-depth as well. Dribble and shooting animations should be implemented as well, like in NBA 2k. Overall, player customization is key next year.

  18. transfer window session shuld be made like pes with short videos on player transfer and also best player awards fr the year just like pes………… game should now look more realistic than it use to…pes has improved ,,,,,,fifa its your turn

  19. First goalkeepers. Goalkeepers are still moving like orangutans, with no physics. It is not possible when the goalkeeper is moving in one direction suddenly could make a move in the opposite direction. Secondly, more stadiums will affect the realism of the game.

  20. – All National teams
    – Sub-21 National teams
    – All National teams Competitions

    Manager Mode:
    – Country/Team Ranking

    – Real Managers:
    … – Face
    … – Age
    … – Nationality
    … – Wage
    … – Contract
    … – Favorite Formation

    – Staff:
    … – GK Coach
    … – DEF Coach
    … – MID Coach
    … – ATT Coach
    … – FITNESS
    … – ACADEMY

    HOW IT WORKS: It’s like the Scout system….You have menu (STAFF) and you click in GK COACH (example) then you have 5 options to choose: 1 star (500 salary), 2 Star (1,500 salary), 3 Star (10,000 Salary), 4 (25,000 Salary), 5stars (50,000 Salary)….

    The better the Coach more fast the playes will improve in Training.
    The better the Fitness players will get tired slower and less chance of injury.
    The better the Academy more talented players you will find.

  21. 1. Real net physics with stadium specific nets.
    2. Arm tatoos
    3. Add real life managers together with their favourite formations and tactics

  22. I want six referees in the game

  23. MORE CHANGES IN CAREER MODE THAT EVERYBODY WANTS! I’ve read a little bit in different kinds of forums… Me and many others want even more focus on career mode! For example more roll playing like a picture with the signed player on a press conference in manager career mode, for the second of all you guys need to keep working with the player transfers, it allmost feel like its scripted still, another thing I want is that u also keep work to keep nerf the pace stat.

    Me and many other swedes also wnat you to give some of the u21 swedes a game face, u know since the gold medal some of them really made them selfs some big names, for example John Guidetti and Oscar Lewicky, I bet that you know those players. Many people around the world are talking about them and they’re really big talents in my and in others eyes. Another thing is that the gameplay can be really glitchy sometimes, from a goalkeeper mistake that u said to the fifa 16 trailer you should have “solved” to other types of things.

  24. -All the women teams that played the 2015 WWC. (Especially Japan and South Korea but also Colombia and African teams)

    -JLeague and of course Japan’s men national team. (Realistic since the JLeague made a deal with EA last week and are no longer Konami exclusive since last year).

    -Improving the shit out of the Creation Centre.

  25. Patrick Suprilus

    FiFA should keep the same app and change the title from FIFA 16 to FIFA 17 with new updates so that gamers such as myself can keep their progress. It makes no sense to start from scratch with a new app.

  26. EA should have teams scattered around the globe to work more closely with various clubs, making data collection and also licensing easier. They should work on a core improvement and focus on making good use of the DLC possibilities… Ditch the FUT bullcrap, and create expansions instead in the form of clubs and competitions, allowing players to acquire more leagues for their game and make available something similar to the competitions the now defunct FIFA Manager series had and give a similar treatment to the European Leagues to other leagues around the globe like the South American ones and from other Continents as well

  27. Career Mode:


    Create a Manager:

    – like create a player

    – pick you dress, shirt, suit, jacket etc. (puma,adidas,nike etc.)

    – favorite Team

    – play style

    Create a Club:

    -create a stadium

    -create a crest

    -create three kits and GK kit + captain armband

    -choose rivals


    – choose a sponsor

    – set friendlies

    – negotiate targets

    – negotiate salary

    – choose your most important “key” players


    – improve stadium

    – set ticket prices

    – Offers from other clubs, if you win CL or EL or promote you shoul be able to apply to different clubs

    – ability to upgrade your staff

    – hire ex players as a member of your team

    – ability to buy the club (from your salary, savings)

    – talk to players

    – bring back the star rating for your club and a level system for you as a manager (exp?)


    – eternal table (all leagues)

    – club records (congrats if you break a record)

    – club trophy room

    – scorer from other leagues

    – club hall of fame

    – best keepers (all leagues)

    transfer market:

    – improve global scouting

    – rebuy clause

    – negotiation outside the transfer window

    Second/youth/u19 Team:

    – ability to put in youth players

    – ability to switch players between first and second team

    – play with your second team against other second teams

    Edit Mode:

    – let us change kits, maybe make an 4th kit and we can change this kit only

    – let us change players hair styles or beards

    new characteristics for players:

    – club idol

    – local hero

    – etc.

  28. That’s extremely sexist and narrow-minded. Football is not a sport reserved for Men. Women have every right to play the game and they deserve to be in the game as well.

  29. FIFA Club World Cup
    More national teams

    New leagues: Brazil, RPA
    New teams: Goungzou Evergande, Auckland City

  30. I like manager career mode a lot so i was thinking when buying players or mostly star players showing off new bought players to fans cutscene would be great and i love commentary names, too many players doesn’t have commentary names and playing or buying players with no commentary name is so dissapointing, i guess more work should be done there. Commentators Martin Tyler and Alan Smith they’re great i like them but isn’t it time we started hearing new voices.

  31. How many years has it been and they still get the year in the title wrong? The gameplay and online modes are terrible. I have more fun playing fifa 2005 then fifa 16. Nothing in the game is new except their marketing strategy. They put a new number on the box, different players on the cover, and put out a pretty cgi trailer that makes it look like its some type of 4k uhd game when its not!

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