CRLP 11 v.1.1

We’ve been working very hard on the promised CRLP v1.1 Update. We should have had it released earlier, but FIFA-Infinity never launches unstable patches. Although I’m very pleased and proud to confirm the following changes that will take your experience while playing our patch to the next level:

Extremely accurate roster
Gone are days you were seeing wrong stats in the game. Latovlevici will no longer get an unbelievable 74 Overall, Bilasco will now be much better than ever before in headers and so on.
We also wanted to make sure the teams line-up is more than correct, you’ll notice both Gaman and Barboianu playing for Dinamo Bucharest, Adriano will be able to score fantastic goals for Corinthians, and Luis Fabiano against them playing for Sao Paulo aswell.
In addition we have just implemented EA’s Official Winter Transfers Update. That means we’ll have a strong, powerful database to develop CRLP v2 upon.

• Significantly improved Manager Mode experience
– A lot of new sponsors in your career to choose from, including Dacia, Orange, Coca-Cola, Ceresit, Fly Emirates ……..
– Many new free agent players available to be transferred during your Career, including Moraes or Edgar Davids.
– Brand new Romanian newspaper (ProSport)

• Many issues have been adressed
– No more German referees on your Liga 1 matches, thanks to the completely new 10 romanian ones we have implemented in our big update.
– Fixed a scoreboard bug in which the Home team name was writen in the Away side box.
– You are now able to take your favorite team to glory in the Tournament Mode.
– Fixed a Manager Mode bug, where sometimes a season was played during a 2 years period instead of just 1.
– All the teams will now have 7 substitutes on the bench in both Romanian League & Cup matches.
– Crashing in Manager Mode during random matches has been fixed thanks to Rinaldo!

Other inclusions
– Reworked Rapid Bucharest Home/Away kits; Added FC Vaslui 3rd kits plus new kits for several GK’s too.
– Improved Gloria Bistrita,Rapid and Unirea Urziceni Home/Away minikits
– Overhauled Patch Installer Program
– 100 High-Quality licensed boots
– Updated stadium adboards
– Revamped GUI Logos
– New Scoreboards Pack to choose from many TV Stations as GSP,DIGI,DOLCESPORT or SPORT.RO!

We have decided to release this update as a standalone one for many reasons, obviously that meaning we’ll be including here the whole v1.01 content.


• virtual_razvan – Database, kits, minikits, and GUI
• The-Clau – Kits, minikits,adboards,scoreboards and balls
• Damien – Database and fonts
• alex_10_arshavin – Player faces
• Lck – Team Flags & minikits
• mihai20CM – Kits,Scoreboards & Database
• aLEx_10 – Boots
• ANBSeth – DigiSport ScoreBoard
• Merdiso – Media artist, software engineer and text editor
• Mogolos – GK Kits


Remember you can install this update over our previous versions of the patch or on a clean FIFA 11 with no problems!

1) After you have downloaded CRLP 11 Volume 1.1, open the file (CRLP 2011 Volume 1 – v1.1), starting this way the addon Installer.
2) Be sure you select FIFA 11 Folder when asked to browse your main FIFA folder path. For example, if FIFA is installed in “D:/Games/FIFA 11”, select this directory in the Installer box.
3) After the installation is complete, FIFA 11 Regenerator, which is included in the package, will load up automatically, starting to analyze the files that must be edited.
4) When this analyzing process is complete, the “GO” button will become Green. To start the files regeneration, just click it for once. You will maybe have to wait a bit, so do not worry if this process takes more than just a few seconds.
5) The regeneration process is now completed, so you can finally start playing CRLP v1.1.
6) Go in your FIFA 11 and Reset Sqauds!(My Fifa -> Edit -> Edit Squads -> Reset Squads)
7) Enjoy the first authentic Romanian League patch for FIFA Next-Gen !

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