Inazuma Eleven x FIFA 22 1.21

Welcome to Inazuma x FIFA, the first mod of Inazuma Eleven in FIFA saga!

This mod contains 21 teams of Inazuma Eleven and 1 team a little special with more than 300 players of the three sagas (Original, GO and Ares/Orion). This mod was created with the idea of be playable on Career modes (using CURRENT SQUADS ), but you can play too online with friends (only on friendlies with custom squads). All the teams are in Turkish League (called Great Road) to be able to play European competitions and face the best teams in the world.

The teams are translated to: Spanish, English, French and German. The players have the same name to all languages but some words that make out versions of a same player are only on Spanish (Mark Adulto-> Adult Mark, Miximax, etc.).

We have 2 versions of the mod (basically two different squad files):

  • Inazuma x Fifa: main version of the mod. All the Inazuma players on the Turkish League, on his respective teams.
  • Inazuma x Futbol Real: players of Inazuma mod  spreaded out around the best teams of the world, making his professional career (in progress, doesn´t have all the 3d heads of the players and 2 teams aren´t added).



  • Alius Academy
  • Destrutchers (in game appears like Brsibane Boar but it will be corrected)
  • ChouKinuns
  • Chrono Storm
  • Dark Angel
  • Dark Emperors
  • FFI team
  • Inazuma Japan (Orion)
  • Inazuma Japan
  • Japan U-15 (Captain Tsubasa national team)
  • Neo Japan
  • Ogre
  • Inazuma Legends (in game appear like Perth Glory, it will be solved)
  • Protocol Omega
  • Raimon
  • Raimon GO
  • Raimon II
  • Raimon Inakuni (Ares)
  • Resistance Japan
  • Royal Academy
  • Zero
  • Zeus




  • Download fifamod file and squad file that you want.
  • Import fifamod file on FIFA MOD MANAGER and apply it.
  • Put the squad file on Documents->FIFA 22->settings folder.
  • Launch the game from mod manager with the mod applied it (DON´T CANCEL IT THE FIRST TIME OR IT WILL CAUSE VISUAL BUGS ON KITS, the first time it can delay the launch until 15-20 minutes).
  • Go to customise->profile-> load squads and load the squad file (Inazuma alius def or Inazuma x Futbol Real).
  • Go to quick match and see if the teams appear on turkish league. If it´s correct, go to save squads and overrite the squad file.

Now you can play Inazuma x FIFA mod!

If the teams doesn´t appear on turkish league, you can try to do this:

  • Launch the game with MODS, load templates and SAVE TEMPLATES
  • Get into the game WITHOUT mods (normal launcher). You probably will see an  error saying that the squad file is damaged  loading the settings. Don´t remove it, go to load squads and select the file (without remove it).
  • Launch game with mods. If the teams doesn´t appear on turkish league load the squad file again on the menu and check it again.

If you have any question or problem, talk us on Twitter: @InazumaXFifa



Career Mode Compatible Not Compatible With Saved CM Manual Install Not Online Compatible PC Compatible Win10 Compatibility


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