FIFA 22 Live Editor v22.1.0.9

Same as last year, I’ve quickly updated the live editor to allow you mod legacy files.

My plans for Live Editor is to make all in one tool. Modding, editing game memory, editing database, API for developers and many other features that you never dreamed about.

For now this tool allows you to:

  • Mod almost all legacy files (add or replace)
  • Edit Players
  • Edit Teams
  • Transfer & Loan Players
  • Generate Minifaces
  • Edit Database (only tables that are part of the squadfile)
  • Execute custom lua scripts. Check LUA API

If you don’t know how to use tool, Check Getting Started Guide.

Other features will be added soon, in upcoming updates.



  •     – Added LUA Scripts:
  •         – “export_season_stats.lua”
  •         – “extend_user_team_players_contracts.lua”
  •     – Added LUA functions:
  •         – “GetSaveUID”
  •         – “GetCompetitionNameByID”
  •         – “GetCompetitionNameByObjID”
  •         – “GetPlayersStats”
  •         – “GetPlayerStats”
  •     – Fixed crashes at startup “caused” by Medal recorder
  •     – Fixed crashes that occur when the first param passed to “Log” lua function was not a string


  •     – Added “Stats” to Players Editor (Goals, Assists & Clean Sheets)
  •     – Fixed width of the actions popup window in Database Editor
  •     – Removed unnecessary lua functions hooks


  •     – Importing miniface feature now works in fullscreen mode (replaced nativefiledialog with ImGuiFileDialog)
  •     – Root live editor mods folder can now be changed in settings.
  •     – Fixed crashes on importing/generating miniface when the target destination didn’t exists.


  •     – Fixed creating transfer/loan offer for player in player career mode.


  •     – Added manager bodytypecodes
  •     -Added “Kits” to Teams Editor


  •     – Added “Manager” to Teams Editor
  •     – Editing user team transferbudget in Teams Editor will now also update club finances
  •     – Fixed “Team Not Found” that occured for “Rest of World” league teams.
  •     – Minifaces can be now generated also outside of Career Mode.
  •     – Changed default camera when generating miniface from “Head and Shoulders” to “Head” (the same that were used in FIFA 21)


  •     – Added FIFA 22 Bodytypecodes
  •     – Fixed filtering rows (Fixes terminate loan bug and probably a few others)
  •     – Fixed creating transfer & loan offer for player career mode player


  •     – Added “Generate Miniface” to “Players Editor”
  •     – Added “Loan Player” to “Players Editor”


  •     – Added “Players Editor”
  •     – Added “Teams Editor”
  •     – Added “Database Editor”


  •     – Legacy files modding possibility.
Career Mode Compatible Compatible With Saved CM Auto Install Not Online Compatible PC Compatible


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