FIFA 22 FPM AIO Kits Mod V.1.1

This mod updates various kits and graphics in FIFA 22 for the new 2022/23 season.


**22-23 kits:**
– Ajax away
– Arsenal home, away, third, goalkeeper
– Atletivo home, goalkeeper
– Bayern home, away, third, goalkeeper
– Chelsea goalkeeper
– Barcelona home, away, third, goalkeeper
– Inter home, away, third, goalkeeper
– Liverpool home, away, third, goalkeeper
– Manchester United home, away, third, goalkeeper
– Napoli home, away, goalkeeper (21-22 kits: update to EA’s kits)
– Real Madrid home, away, third, goalkeeper
– Tottenham home, away, third, goalkeeper
– Juventus home, away(old), third(old) and goalkeeper
– (Old) AS Roma home, away, goalkeeper
– (Old) Atalanta home, away, goalkeeper
– (Old) Lazio home, away, goalkeeper
– Atletico home, goalkeeper
– More coming soon!

**22-23 kit numbers:**
– Liverpool (by AdilTriP)
– Real Madrid (by AdilTriP)

**22-23 balls:**
– Bundesliga 22-23 ball

**22-23 licensing:**
– Licenses for all unlicensed Italian clubs in all languages“`

22-23 adboards by Anamorph’s:
– DFB Pokal
– DFL Supercup
– Magenta Sport
– Borussia Dortmund
– FC Bayern München

22-23 banners by Rost:
– FC Bayern München
– Paris Saint Germain
– Real Madrid

**How to install:**
(Download FIFA Mod Manager)
– Download the Mod file and apply it UNDER ALL OTHER KIT MODS in the Mod Manager
– Download **either ** the Squadfile or the Teamkits table ( Use the Squadfile when you want to start a new career, use the teamkits table to use the kits for a running career)
– Squadfile: Import it to Dokuments\FIFA 22\settings , Apply it ingame (Name of Squadfile ingame: FPM AIO 1)
– Teamkits: Import it via RDBM into your Squadfile and use your current Squadfile
– Enjoy!

If there are any questions/bugs/whatever please contact me!

*More kits and balls are coming very soon!
*Not compatible with EEP yet
*EEP compatibility coming soon!

Career Mode Compatible Compatible With Saved CM Drag & Drop Not Online Compatible PC Compatible


Report Missing File !

Author: FIFAPROO Mods

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