FIFA 22 Bosnian Premier League Mod

FIFA 22 got a little boring after putting senseless hours of playing time. In fact it got so boring that i got “angry”. I got so angry that I made this whole mod by myself. Not great but “perfect” mod. This is what is in it …


New League
Premijer Liga BiH with all 12 teams, customized team info, transfer budget, team tactics and colors. BH national team is playable in CM. ​
New Graphics​
Specific graphics for the Kup BiH. League specific dynamic adboards. New static adboards for league and cup. ArenaSport TV Logo​
Real Players​
Over five hundred new players added together with managers and all new names for scouts and future youth player regens.​


  • 1. Download the mod file and the squad file found on this page.
  • 2. Place the mod file in the mod manager
  • 3. Place the squad file in settings folder of FIFA 22 in your Documents/FIFA22/settings/ folder
  • 4. Launch the game using mod manager
  • 5. Once you are in game, go to customize, then click on settings, then click on load squads and select PLBiH squad file.
  • 6. Start your career

Note : The mod is compatible with the latest EA update!

DISCLAIMER: This mod replaces the Austrian Bundessliga and all respective teams with BH teams incl. National Team. Austria is still in the game but just swapped the places so you can play as a player or a manager career mode with any of the Bosnian Teams whether is National League, Champions League, Europa League or Europa Conference League. I know, this part is not very realistic.

For those who would like to collaborate and maybe help develop this mod further best way to get in touch is my website.

UPDATE: If you experiencing graphical glitch during press conference please reupload the mod using same link above. Glitch is fixed! (Aug.03.22)

Please note that the “ALTERNATIVE” mirror contains the squad file to use with this mod!

Career Mode Compatible Not Compatible With Saved CM Drag & Drop Not Online Compatible PC Compatible


Report Missing File !

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