AIO 2022/23 Kit Pack Vol.4 #TU17

The complete version, with the GK and Shorts Variants.

This version is exclusively for those using EEP 2.0, fully compatible.

The extra 3rd and 4th kit addon and the Career Mode Start 2022 has been removed for this exclusive version of EEP 2.0 as it already includes them without the need to apply a separate mod. All kits and stuff overview containing since Vol.1 to Vol.4.

General Mod Order and Tips:
– Place above of EEP2.0 Main Mod.
– Apply the squadfiles (FMM 1.1.0) or squadfiles (FMM 1.1.1) provided. It’s just the original EEP2.0 squadfile but with my teamktis and competitionkits.
– For apply GK Variants or Short Variant, just place it above to the AIO mod and EEP 2.0 Main Mod, of course. You can only use one at the same time.
– If you are using eSim mod too, put it under of it.

Download from “ALTERNATIVE” mirror only if you are using the new FIFA Mod Manager Beta 1.1.1.

Visit my Discord Server or my Twitter page for feedback.

Career Mode Compatible Not Compatible With Saved CM Drag & Drop Not Online Compatible PC Compatible


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