FIFA 22 Revolta Icon Mod v.0.1

Hello, I’m creating Revolta Mod Icon for FIFA 22 and I have future plans for 23. My mod will contain mostly iconic players from past and future and will strongly hold onto world club and national football, so I will have players from UCL, World Cup and some of the great clubs. I approach it a bit differently and focus on details, so my players will mostly have correct appearance like boots or heads as they had by the time.

Also in future I’m planning making it possible to pick icons if you have different mods like EEP, IEM or any other installed, so that you will be able to just copy them into the game basically. It’s based of my annoyance on icons approach in FUT, so it’s very similar to this game mode. I make presentation with card and bio just like in there. I think EA should learn.

For now there are 18 players available. Soon is World Cup and new season so I’m working on set of players around this theme too. I also strongly rely on converting assets and reuse them for the mod purpose. If someone want to be part of you can help me by giving some of the heads, as I give credits for that. If you have knowledge about converting head from FIFA 11-16 I would be glad too(only learned Fifa Online 4 conversion). I also added 12 boots, 3 balls and kits for starter team that is in Indian League for now.

18 carefully created/edited iconic players with real appearance, some of them already being in a game others being completely new(some heads were converted, some were jest remade)
1 team available to use in career mode with kits/flags/banners/color set and Santiago Bernabeu set as home stadium, made specifically for the first release purposes(Revolta Starterpack FC)
3 new balls(converted from Classic Patch 14)
12 new pairs of boots(all of them converted from older FIFAs)

Mod is working in Polish and English for the team and league name edit. Maybe there will be more languages soon.

Not Compatible With Career Mode Drag & Drop Not Online Compatible PC Compatible


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Author: Chliper

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