Paulv2k4 Frostbite Modding Tool v.12.6

This Frostbite Modding Tool allows users to gain some access to textures, gameplay data, files and ability to load compiled Mods.

The latest version is compatible with FIFA 22!

NOTE: If you are first using this tool, it will attempt to create a full copy of your Data folders (to leave them unaltered for a vanilla launch). This will take some time on first launch!


+ Frostbite, Legacy & FIFA mod Launcher
+ Legacy File Explorer and Extractor
+ Legacy Mod Compiler
+ Gameplay Editor
+ Texture, Kit and Data Import and Export with full explorer
+ Mesh Import / Export for FIFA 21
+ Mesh Export for Madden 21
+ Save all changes to projects and export to fbmods for other players to use
+ Supports the following file types. .fbmod (created by this tool), .lmod (created by this tool), .fifamod (created by FIFA Editor Tool)
+ Partial Madden 21 Mod Support. Including Legacy files, data, gameplay and textures. Work is ongoing on this!
+ FIFA 21 Career Mode Stats Saver
+ Discord Rich Presence. Shows you playing the modded game in Discord
+ XBOX Game Pass Support
+ EA Desktop Support
+ EA Origin Support

– Mesh Import has been deactivated for Madden 21 until I can get it working for all meshes. You can turn this back on by editing the Madden21Profile.json file with a text editor.

NOTE: If you are first using this tool and using the ModData folder (option provided), it will attempt to create a full copy of your Data folders (to leave them unaltered for a vanilla launch). This will take some time on first launch!




Version 12.3

– [FIFA 22] Added some support to view (and only VIEW!) some 3D Models
– [FIFA 22] Significant improvements to EBX reading with all arrays being read out and >> some << pointers.
– [FIFA] Added “Merge Project” option to allow mod creators to merge multiple projects into one. To do this you use a base project already opened and then continuously merge other projects in.
– [FIFA] Loads of background work for a new database & teams editor. More on this in the next version.

Version 12.2

– [FIFA 22] Added the ability to create texture mods
– [FIFA 22] Added the ability to create >> some << legacy mods. Not everything is working!
– [FIFA 22] Added read-only access to some EBX files and settings
– [FIFA 21] Update cache to latest FIFA Update
– Added almost fully working folder importer and exporter, allowing you to quickly export folders from the file system and import folders into it from Windows
– Changed the cache detection system so it can no longer be broken by EA’s tiny patches that do not affect internal file build numbers
– Allowed projects to use whatever EBX Reader or Writer the profile determines (allowing plugins to set whatever they want)

Version 11.4

– Fix an issue (brought in by 11.3) where large and complicated *.fifamod files would not load
– Fix an issue that would not allow you launch a mod with legacy changes repeatedly from the Editor
– Fix an issue that would not clear out “changes” to your file system after you’ve launched a mod with legacy items included
– [Techy] More background work on change of compilers to handle added files

Version 11.3

– Brand new Legacy Texture Importer (Experimental)
– Launch window can now be minimized

Version 11.2

– [FIFA 21] Updated Cache
– [FIFA 21] Updated SDK
– [FIFA 21] Fixed an issue where the Launcher would not update the cache properly
– [Techy Stuff] Resolved an issue where the SDK builder would not detect an upgrade in .NET Core

Version 11.1

– [FIFA 20] Added FIFA 20 support
– [FIFA 21] Fix Hotspots not saving correctly, resulting in an error
– [FIFA 21] Added duplicating functionality, allowing you to duplicate anything in the editor. Duplicating currently only works with lmod mods in game. Please wait for me to complete the rest of the functionality for kits, faces and whatever else
– [Madden 21] All textures now load correctly in the editor
– [Madden 21] All textures can now be edited in the game (please note. you must use the correct texture resolution for the game, madden 21 would not let me resize textures)
– [Madden 21] Fixed an issue where a special kind of DDS type was causing an issue after importing

Alpha 10.9
– All mods and games can be installed on EA Desktop (supporting XBOX Game Pass). This is experimental and will not use a ModData folder to add mods to your game.
– FIFA 21: Editor can compile a Legacy Mod (*.lmod) from a project (*.fbproject)
– All Editors: Fixed an issue where it would take a long time to make an edit to a legacy text file
– Launcher: Your launcher settings are saved
– Launcher: Can launch mods without using a ModData folder
– FIFA 21: Fixed an issue where compiling a legacy mod (*.lmod) from a folder with a “.” in it would result in an error
– FIFA 21: Fixed an issue where the Legacy Mod Support (*.lmod) would not wait enough time for slow PCs to load the game to then inject into (the GetProcess error). On a note. I have now raised this to 3 minutes instead of 90 seconds.
Alpha 10.8
– FIFA 21: Fixed issue when compiling a mod
– FIFA 21: Fixed issue where Legacy files are not removed when compiling mods or saving a project
Alpha 10.7
– FIFA 21: Fixed issue with very large FIFAMod files not being supported by the launcher
– FIFA 21: Fixed issue with “locale.ini” not being detected by the launcher
– FIFA 21: Added better support for Aranaktu’s Live Editor DLL. Fixing crashing issues when using mods with his tool. Many thanks to  for going through this with me.

– MADDEN21: Building of Cache now only takes 8 minutes rather than 40-50.

MADDEN 21 People: I have found the issues with the uniform textures, I am going to have to redesign my tool a little to handle it. EA really did something awkward with the Chunk Ids in Madden 21.

Alpha 10.6

– MADDEN 21: Significant compiler improvements. Just some textures to go (and 1 very annoying EBX gameplay file) before I can consider it all working.
– MADDEN 21: Brand new SDK
– MADDEN 21 Editor: Fixed some panes which were not displaying correctly
– EBX browsers now scale correctly to its parent window
– EBX browsers now display a list of numbers/points in a more UI friendly manner
– EBX browsers can now resize a list (not perfect but heading toward full customization)
– EBX can now import and export to and from a binary file (experts only)
– Added experimental PNG to DDS converter for legacy textures
– When importing and reverting a texture, the texture viewer now correctly updates
– Bug fix: When reverting a texture, the RES to chunk link would get confused and break within the project.

Alpha 10.4

– FIFA 21: Fixed issue where *.fifamod produced from FET was not displaying correctly in launcher
– FIFA 21: Fixed issue with *.fifamod faces. This now allows ALL *.fifamod faces to work with this launcher

Alpha 10.3

– MADDEN 21: Allowed all items be browsed
– MADDEN 21: A 50% working compiler. Some things just refuse to work at this stage.
– FIFA 21 [Stats Saver]: Fixed issue with teams with low Ids (i.e. Arsenal)
– FIFA 21 [Stats Saver]: Added compatibility for EFL League 1, EFL Trophy, Bundesliga, LaLiga, SuperCopa
– FIFA 21 [Stats Saver]: Added Clean Sheets, Minutes Played, Player OVR and OVRGrowth to CSV Export

Alpha 10.2

– Switch the editors to use AvalonDock. A docking system that allows you to rearrange and resize your editor windows. This is work in progress. Expect bugs.
– FIFA 21: Fix issue where the Injector “GetProcess” function was not waiting for the process to open

Alpha 10.1

– Add “Force Reinstall mods” button
– Change all Launcher checkboxes to “toggle switches”
– Fix the launcher not remembering EXE locations
FIFA 21: Fix CEM not launching for “published” version of the tool

Alpha 10

– Detecting mod changes, only recompile if needed

– No longer loads .cache unless its needed to recompile mods

– If not recompiling mods, mod launch takes seconds rather than minutes

– Application Insights – Tracking of User inputs and mods – for me to know what people are using the tool for and if there are any bugs

– Discord Rich Presence (Discord will show you using the tool and playing the game with mods)

– FIFA 21: Added CEM (Career Player Stats Saver)

Alpha 9.10

– FIFA 21: Change compiler to use the “Original Size” from the Mod details rather than calculate on the fly (Speeds up the launch process)

– Make change to Mod Writer to correctly write the “Original Size” of the file / item

– MADDEN 21: Work still ongoing (nothing to note, still coding a dynamic TOC writer, almost all working!)

Alpha 9.9

– Fix an issue where the Tool was remaining open after closing all the windows

– Launcher now supports multiple games, you can now have a Madden 21 and FIFA 21 profile

– MADDEN 21: Fix an issue where the splashscreen example could not run from the launcher (“madden18” error)

– MADDEN 21: Improve Legacy support, moving away from Oodle to the game’s standard LZ4 compression

– FIFA 21: Add “Inject Legacy into Other Tool” button back to Launcher screen

– FIFA 21: Add support for the most recent versions of *.fifamod files from the FIFA Editor Tool

Alpha 9.8.1

– Include latest caches

Alpha 9.8

– FIFA 21: Fix the issue where the Legacy Injection would not work after publishing on to other’s PC. Sorry for taking so long with this! Took me a while to debug the issue =D

Alpha 9.6

– FIFA 21: Revert Legacy Injection to use old Injection first, then New, then Alternative.

Alpha 9.5

– When you edit an EBX, the Browsers now highlight the change instantly

– FIFA 21: Use 2 separate methods for Legacy Injection DLL (It will revert to the “old” method, if the “new” method fails)

– Ensure that all errors logged by compilers appear in the Launcher window log box

Alpha 9.4

– Added partial Madden 21 support. Legacy file editing has been enabled. (Only tested 1 or 2 files)

Alpha 9.3

– Single EXE compilation (there are less files where the program is installed)

– Fixed Converter to *.fifaproject

– Sdk Generator has been fixed for latest version of FIFA 21



Career Mode Compatible Drag & Drop Not Online Compatible PC Compatible Win10 Compatibility


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