Paulv2k4 FIFA 21 Gameplay Mod v.2.0

Hello and welcome to the latest Gameplay Mod for FIFA 21.

Even though FIFA 21 is a few steps in the right direction, EA has also made some significant pit falls in other areas. Whilst building my tools, I am determined to fix what I can via the tool and hex edited files (where the tool is not working).

This Pre-Alpha is designed to improve AI defending and remove all the cheat goals you and the AI can score.

Some of the significant issues identified with FIFA 21 are (but not limited to):
– The midfielders do not defend
– The defenders are block too well or not at all
– The goalkeepers, especially at lower levels don’t do anything
– Shots are far too accurate, even with players rated 50 or less
– There are very few fouls

Because of these significant issues, game scores can easily reached 10-0. I have an example where we (in a coop career) when 12-0!

So, what is causing this and what can be done?
EA added a lot of new settings for positioning while in a defensive state. Trouble is, these are not working at all for midfielders. This is a significant bug and should have been fixed earlier into beta.

What did does this Gameplay Mod do and how is it different to Pre-Alpha 1?
Pre Alpha 1 was all about trying to fix these problems as much as I could through artificial difficulty and nerfing shooting. So this new version is about attempting to do it properly. Have I achieved that? I would say, “almost”. The key difference now is sometimes the midfielders, especially at lower levels, will now come back and help the defence. This helps a lot with the defensive issues.

Here is the summary list of changes:

  • Player Speed

    • Removed the defender catch up that happens issue in all EA FIFA games
    • Slowed players slightly
  • Shooting

    • Shooting is now 100% more difficult than vanilla with high skilled players
    • Shooting is now 150% more difficult than vanilla with low skilled players
  • Passing

    • Short passes are now 25% more difficult than vanilla with high skilled players
    • Short passes are now 50% more difficult than vanilla with low skilled players
    • Long through passes are now 25% less difficult than vanilla with high skilled players
    • Long through passes are now 15% less difficult than vanilla with low skilled players
  • AI

    • The AI will now foul and tackle to stop your attacks. They will do anything to stop you or injure your best players.
    • The AI will play more crosses
    • The AI will dribble more
  • Off the ball

    • Midfielders at all skill levels will now track back and support the defence
    • Attackers will now make smarter off the ball runs at all skill levels
  • Tackling

    • Stand tackling is now 500% more difficult than vanilla
    • The CPU players can now longer perfectly block all USER shots
    • A tackle can no longer push the ball automatically in a direction of a player on the same team
  • Goalkeepers

    • Goalkeepers are now 50% better than vanilla at lower skill levels
    • CPU goalkeepers are 200% more difficult to play against at lower difficulty levels
    • CPU goalkeepers are 133% more difficult to play against at higher difficulty levels
  • Referees

    • Referees are now much less likely to give a yellow card than vanilla ( to support more fouls )

To install:

Copy the locale.ini to the Game’s Data folder, overwriting the original.

Import the .fbmod into my latest launcher and click launch.

If you are using the launcher for the first time. Please be aware there is an initial setup that can take up to 15 minutes. After the initial setup, the game will load within 1-2 minutes on any subsequent launches.

Career Mode Compatible Compatible With Saved CM Drag & Drop Not Online Compatible PC Compatible


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