FIFA 21 Squad Files + ICONs

This mod adds all the FUT 21 ICONs in FIFA 21 Career Mode!

The zip file contains 8 squad files.
– FUT Baby (101 icons)
– FUT Middle (101 icons)
– FUT Prime (101 icons)
– FUT All (Baby, Middle and Prime (303 icons))
– FUT Baby icons 19 yo (101 icons)
– FUT Middle icons 19 yo(101 icons)
– FUT Prime icons 19 yo(101 icons)
– FUT All icons 19yo (Baby, Middle and Prime (303 icons))

Players are in Free Agents team.

Nov 13 Update

– Players should be duplicated anymore
– Icons who were in Soccer aid team were transfered to the Free agents instead of creating new record
– Yes, Beckham is included

Dec 19 Update

– Fixed Fernando Hierro & Hugo Sánchez
– Added squadfiles with 19yo icons

I used the Python script available here to make these squad files. Here’s a tutorial on how to add them.

Career Mode Compatible Not Compatible With Saved CM Drag & Drop Not Online Compatible PC Compatible


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Author: Aranaktu

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