FIFA 21 Nintendo Switch Patch v.3.0

This patch adds various updates to FIFA 21 on Nintendo Switch. Here’s the rundown on the features:

* Rosters based on November 2020 Squads Update
* All national teams now have licensed kits and minikits
* Real squads for Brazil, Ecuador and Uruguay (except for the India, national team kits only)
* Updated kits and minikits for Turkish League

Probably several since it is a quick patch, let me know if you find one
I tested the career mode with milan and bayern munich and managed to simulate 5 years. (I cannot guarantee, that it will work 100%, sorry)

Thanks to:
All kits makers, modders of soccergaming.com

* Nintendo switch with CFW installed
* Have FIFA 21 Legacy Edition v1.04 01000A001171A000 installed
* 1GB of free space

* Delete old version (deleted the folder X: \ atmosphere \ contents \”01000A001171A000″) and go to settings and deleted the savegame
* Download and extract the file with 7-zip
* Copy the Folder “01000A001171A000” sd card in the path
“X: \ atmosphere \ contents \
* Enjoy

Career Mode Compatible Not Compatible With Saved CM Manual Install Not Online Compatible


Report Missing File !

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