FIFA 19 Revolution CM DB Tool 1.0

First time in Fifa modding history, revolutionary tool: FIFA 19 RCMDBT

– you can now manage, export, import the manager info database
stored inside Fifa 19 Career Mode Save Game Files

– included Revo CM Mod Example (helping purpose)

– include all features from 18/19 SQUADS DB TOOL

The backup of any Career file you open via RCMDBT, is not required.
RCMDBT Output folder: \FIFA19CMMod\
Revo CM to install and load: Career_Mod

This is a beta pack, so you can try out.
No updates about Squads functions, because perfectly workings.
Very poor documentation atm, but a lot of info are inside the tool.

Check the mod example in Info folder and open the cm db to check out
tables that need to be cleaned with DB Master by Rinaldo.
Take care deleting rows in tables, always check at playerid or artificialkey column.
Open and then compare the manager db mod example included.

After edits:
If not cleaned perfectly some tables the game crash in Squads Hub
If your scout already started you loose, you must re-setup your edited scout
Atm you can’t add youth players because that player must be writed also in
the main database the one with players table, the Squads you started the cm.
So just add youth players in the normal way during the cm and then you can edit,
and regenerate again the career mode save file.

I suggest to a big passionated to open a new sg forum thread about this revo,
in order to share tips, solutions about for what, where and how to tweak the cm.
Become an expert now!


Career Mode Compatible Auto Install Not Online Compatible PC Compatible Win10 Compatibility


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