FIFA 19 INITFS Edit Pack

This tool will allow you to edit and browse the FIFA 19 INITFS_WIN32 settings.

– Download FIFA 19 INITFS EDIT PACK from below – Extract/decompress in a folder
– Run CG File Explorer 18 (not included)
– In the screen “Please select Fifa Game”, from menù (click down arrow) click “Add New”
– Browse and select the executable: \FIFA 19 INITFS\FIFA.exe
– In the next screen click “Select” and then Continue
– Make your inifs_Win32 Custom Mod

The pack include latest inifs_Win32 already decompressed and ready to edit
File is from latest FIFA 19 Official Update 17 December 18

I suggest for best editing to:
– “Export” the related *.lua, edit and save with Notepad++
– “Import” back the edited *.lua file
– “Save” and then “Create Mod”, wait process done, close every CGFE window.

Check your mod inside: \FIFA 19 INITFS\Mods\your_patch_name\Win32_Patch
Install the mod in your game folder: \FIFA 19\Patch
To play Fifa 19 with modded and decompressed inifs_Win32 is required:
to install the “CryptBase.dll” (\Run_Mods folder) in main game folder: \FIFA 19\


Fidel – Doctor+ Productions

Thanks to
Shawminator and CGFE
Frosty Dev Team

Auto Install PC Compatible Win10 Compatibility


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