Paulv2k4 FIFA18 Career Mod

Paulv2k4 FIFA18 Career Mod

How to Use? How to Install?

You Need:

  • Frosty Editor 1.0.3alpha4 or above
  • Latest FIFA Update
  • Administrator Priviledges

How to install and run in FrostyEditor:

  • Download the Zip provided (clone or download -> download zip)
  • Extract Contents to subfolder of Frosty Editor
  • Delete ModData from FIFA if it exists
  • Delete fifa18.cache from FrostyEditor folder if it exists
  • Run Frosty Editor as Administrator (If you recieve an error when loading fifa18.cache then delete the .cache file)
  • Open the v2k4 career mod.fbproject provided using Frosty Editor (IF IT THROWS AN ERROR SEE BELOW)
  • Click Launch -> Wait for FIFA to open (it may take 2 attempts to run)

FrostyEditor shows an error when opening the .fbproject file:

  • If this happens then you are going to have to manually apply the files yourself
  • To do this Open the folder to see all the files that are included
  • Then in FrostyEditor, load FIFA->Legacy Viewer
  • In the new Legacy Explorer Window open dlc -> dlc_FootballCompEng -> dlc -> FootballCompEng -> data (click the data folder)
  • Right Click each of the files to update by this mod and Import file (you must do this one by one)
  • open dlc -> dlc_FootballCompEng -> dlc -> FootballCompEng -> data -> Transfers (click the Transfers folder)
  • Right Click each of the files to update by this mod and Import file (you must do this one by one)
  • Once your finished SAVE your Project so that you can reload it next time you Play FIFA
  • Click Launch

How to install and run in Frosty Mod Manager:

  • Download the Mod file and archive. From here
  • Place in the Mod Manager “Mods” folder.
  • It should now appear in mods selection in Mod Manager.

Features / Changes


  • Removed Sacking


  • Lowered fitness recovery


  • Increased Form Modifier
  • Lowered Away Modifier (making it harder to play Away games)


  • Improved Form Variation between players (no longer all players ^ for example)


  • Increased scouting ability in own division
  • Increased overall scouting ability/speed


  • AI more likely to pick better players
  • This is acheived by lowering the ratio of “fitness”
  • Can be tested by checking the “preview” news of the game. It now select the team I would normally pick & the opposition’s team included the top scorer.
  • Matches are now much harder due to opposition selecting best (and in-form) 11.
  • place in dlc -> dlc_FootballCompEng -> dlc -> FootballCompEng -> data
  • place in data -> teammanagement


  • Adopted a more Football Manager style of morale having game time
  • Reserve/Young players are now happier from being selected once or twice
  • Only first 11 players get irritated by not being selected
  • Wage expectation has been risen to have players act more like their real conterparts (greedy & overpaid, causes starting morale to be low, dont worry)


  • Stopped “overgrowth” of players reaching abilities way beyond their potential (tested and works)
  • (Incomplete) Stop old players declining by so much


  • A complete re-design of the modifiers. Players like Neymar/Lukaku/Messi are over £100m now and almost impossible to buy.


  • A complete re-design of the modifiers.
  • Players ask for more in the higher leagues
  • Players ask for less in the lower leagues (matches Football Manager values in League 2)


  • Added all attributes to the attribute list



  • Added Sprint Speed to Dribbling (In testing)

How Do I add an attribute to a training?

  • Open training_drill_attributes_list.ini
  • Find the drill you would like to add to or change

If your adding

  • increase the NUMBER_OF_ATTRIBUTES by 1
  • add the ATTRIBUTE_ to bottom of the current list with the same number given above
  • set the = Number to what you need
  • the attributes list can be found in “training_progress”


  • Increased Shirt Prices for League 1 & 2 to be more realistic
  • Increased Shirt Prices for Popular players (i.e. Neymar / Messi) so that signing good players earns money back
  • Increased Ground Maintanance for ALL clubs
  • Increased “Ticket” Income to include TV Revenue
  • Improve other leagues Ticket Income
  • Improve other leagues Shirt Prices
  • (Looks impossible) Reduce money available to clubs in lower league (remove >£1m purchases from L1 & L2)


  • Improved AI searching for players that they need
  • Improved AI selling/loaning reserve/youth players
  • Increased the amount of teams that search per day (makes the game a little slower between days)
Career Mode Compatible Manual Install Not Online Compatible PC Compatible Win10 Compatibility


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