FIFA 18 Premier League Patch (v.3.1)

This latest version is based on version 2.0 and contains new graphics and also an updated database!
So definitely a new career has to be started!


League Logos:

UEFA Supercup
EFL Carabao Cup

Tournament Graphics:

EFL Carabao Cup

New animated Adboards:

EFL Carabao Cup
FA Cup
EFL Championschip

The download includes the Mod files for the Mod Manager and the Project file for the Frosty Tool!

Included Mod files fo the Mod Manager, the project file, the database (separately) and the Language files (separately).


New animated Adboards:

Premier League
UEFA Champions League
UEFA Europa League

New Static Adboards:

all Premier League Clubs (Thanks Ivansoto18)
UEFA Champons League
UEFA Europa League
all friendly Tournaments

New Logos:

UEFA Champions League
UEFA Europa League

and other graphics


Andy – Databases, graphics
Ivansoto18 – Adboards Premier League (static)

Career Mode Compatible Drag & Drop PC Compatible Win10 Compatibility


For support and feedback please post in this forum thread!

Report Missing File !

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  1. Murilo Vison√° Brogliato

    Hey, Don’t work adboard of UEFA CL

  2. how to add these files in the game

  3. Can someone make this mod compatible with the current fifa update please this was the best mod I have used in fifa 18 so far

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