FIFA 18 Gameplayzed Save Squads

I recommend to use this file if:

  • You want to play a slow game
  • You want to give more tactical depth to your game
  • You know to play to protect the ball and get fouls
  • You like a RPG approach (e.g. a centre back ball winner is good to steal ball, but a centre back stopper will stop every cross and intercept every through ball and so on…)

Don’t use this file if:

  • You playing FIFA by running , running and running. (You can’t get fouls in this way, and your team will be dying at 60th)

This is a roster file, no need of frosty tool.
Go offline in origin
Extract the zip in: C: \Users\[your user directory]\Documents\FIFA 18\settings

BETA 7.0

Now in formation like 3-5-2, 3-4-3 the side midfield players are set as wing backs to offer more cover and offensive support.
Most of the formation with 2 strikers now is made by a striker and support striker instead two first striker.
Improved marking and defensive abilities of the teams.
Improved the team traits and ade the goalkeeper more human, they’ll rebound the ball more often.
Balanced the long shots accuracy.

BETA 6.3

Better distribution of attributes for all players even for low tier players (check the hexagon attributes)
Every player has custom traits (even the fifa 18 new ones) and team instruction.
Edited formations, less space between the lines.
Decoded team traits. Now the team will try to defend the lead.


Fine tuned each player style. Each player style is recognizable from hexagon skill diagram in squad view before a match.
Updated player istruction for each player style.
Updated traits (included new FIFA 18 trait) for each player style.
Tuned team playing style. (see tactics view)
Tuned positions in team formations.
Increased referee strictness.


Updated roster to 12/11/2017
More balanced attributes
Teams money reduced for better career mode
Player trait rework with fifa 18 new traits
Players instruction based on playing style.
Line width and height adjusting based on team settings (beta)
More aggressivity (interceptions and fouls)
Referee more strict with fouls


Fixed some famous player style.
Balanced physical attributes.
Characterized every player. They have pros and contros based on their playing style. It’s like a chess game.
More aggression to defensive players and less balance to fastest players.
Slightly reduced overalls (4 points) for all players to reduce superhuman behaviour.

This is a save squads so unzip it and place in setting director in Documents/FIFA 18.
And, important, remove any custom ini.

Career Mode Compatible Drag & Drop Not Online Compatible PC Compatible Win10 Compatibility


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Author: fifaCCitiu.com


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