Philippines Malditas : Women’s national team (2017)

    • PFF Ball.​
    • Kits home, away, and GK by: robmar85
    • 3rd Kit as seen in 2017 SEA Games by: marcas
    • Adboard.​
    • Minipics for all players.​
    • Extra graphics.​
    • News Images for Manager Career Mode.​
    • Accurate Rosters and lineups (2017).​
    • Adjusted OVR ratings.​
    • Mini tutorial(s).​

You may use this however you like. Tweak it, improve it, and even include it in your own future patches.

I only ask you to please share your makings with the rest of us in this community, and give credits.

Career Mode Compatible Not Compatible With Saved CM Manual Install Not Online Compatible PC Compatible Available as CMP file


Report Missing File !

Author: marcas


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