FMF Converter 1.0

FMF Converter 1.0 is OUT NOW !!

FMF Converter is a french project. It’s a software to convert attribute’s player (Football Manager to FIFA) with an aim to creating FIFA player starting from it’s FM attributes.

> Why this tool ? <

It’s been a long time that I wished developed this kind of tool. Certainly, there are one or two for now, but they are difficult to use and understand.
And particularly, methods of calculation of attributes are not pushed, which results in unrealistic attributes.
Deleting the Creation Center in FIFA 16 next-gen also leads to more difficulty to hope integrate its player in FIFA.
The richness of Football Manager’s database is a strong point of the serie.
In addition, scouts football teams also consult the game to inquire about a player. This proves the efficiency of the entire FM particular characteristics of the players.

> Who is this software for ? <

As you have understood, this tool will be for everyone. Both modders who want to integrate new players, as novices who wish to create or integrate players/teams.
If you are modders, please mention in the credits of your patch the software name and my nickname. (FMF Converter by Serial42)

> Multilanguages <

FMF Converter exists in French and English.

> How can you support me ? <

The software will of course, in no case show the exact methods of calculations that I used.
However, you can report any bugs or react on the software to suggest and propose new ideas for improvement.
More, you can donate directly on FMF Converter to encourage my work or if you simply like the software

I hope that this tool will make you happy

Auto Install PC Compatible Win10 Compatibility


Report Missing File !

Author: Serial42

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  1. Gerardo Petrikowski

    The problem with these kind of tools is that creators never make tutorials to fully understand the utility of the software. Maybe, a good idea would be, you could make a video about it and show the possibilities using it.


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