FIFA Infinity Patch 16 v.2.2 (Update)

Today we are releasing a new update for FIFA Infinity Patch 16 which contains multiple bug fixes and a few new additions.


You must install V2.0 of this patch and V2.1 first if you have not already. This version contains only new and updated files!

The content has been split into two folders:
Manual Install (Required Files) – Everyone should install these files.
Manual Install (DB + Compdata) – Only install these files if you do not have an active career.

Those who do not install files from “Manual Install (DB + Compdata)” folder will not get the CL/EL, generated player name and headless player bug fixes.

If you wish to add new players, see notes section for information on playernames table issue.

V2.2 Changelog

-Fixed CL/EL wrong qualifications bug.
-Fixed boot manager bug.
-Fixed generated player names in career mode.
-Fixed issue where a small number of players where headless.
-Added some missing assets.
-Added new generic adboards.
-Added new boots.

Career Mode Compatible Not Compatible With Saved CM Drag & Drop Manual Install Online Compatible PC Compatible Win10 Compatibility


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Author: FIFA Infinity Team

FIFA Infinity Team
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