FIFA 16 Fancards Mod

This mod will enable fancards for all competition and cups in FIFA 16 career mode and tournament mode!

To install simply copy/paste and regenerate!

Other minor fixes:
team promoted releg fixed ligue 1 and ligue 2
fixed final tropher des champions
original psg : guinguand fixed paris : lyon

long presentation (fancard longer)
changing the input line match importance, most important number
example, match_matchimportance 50
modify, match_matchimportance 90

if you notice a bug for fancards let me know (league forget) or crash
say league id

Career Mode Compatible Drag & Drop Manual Install PC Compatible Needs Revolution Mod


Report Missing File !

Author: christophe83460

One comment

  1. Hugo Villanueva

    I’m trying to make it work for Campeonato ScotiaBank, From Chilean League id:335
    but still no results , can you help me?

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