FA Women’s Super League Patch

The FA Women’s Super League is the top level of women’s football in England. The current holders are Chelsea, Liverpool and Arsenal have also won titles in recent seasons.

This patch is in CMP format so it can be easily added to your existing database.


-All 9 teams of 2016 FA WSL 1 season.
-Squads accurate as of August 2016.
-Kits for all teams based on first half of season.*
-FA WSL and FA Women’s Cup tournaments.
-Generic league adboards, real set for Liverpool.
-Referee kit.**
-Realistic crowd sizes.
-Correct stadium seat colours.
-Pitch wear patterns.
-Faded rugby league pitch markings for Liverpool.
-Kit name and number fonts for Liverpool.
-Mini faces for some new players.

Creation Master 16
Revolution Mod 16

It is strongly recommended that you backup your database and compdata files before importing.
Tournaments have been successfully tested in tournament mode. It is unlikely that they will work in career mode.
After importing this patch, it is possible that female players may transfer into men’s teams in career mode.

*Apart from Birmingham and Doncaster who have unique kits, teams used the 2015/16 kits of the men’s section in the first half of the season. The 2016/17 kits used in the second half of the season have not been included.
**Only black is used as league rules prevent teams from using plain black shirts as they are reserved for match officials only.

Not Compatible With Career Mode Not Compatible With Saved CM Manual Install Not Online Compatible PC Compatible Needs Revolution Mod Available as CMP file


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Author: scouser09


  1. I already got a career mode going on, want to know whether this patch will change it like as you mentioned transfer of female players in mens team

  2. GREAT work!! THANK YOU!

  3. @Scouser09 in CM16 where do I import the Tournament cmc’s?

  4. in CM16 where do I import the Tournament cmc’s?

  5. hi in CM16 where do I import the Tournament cmc’s?

  6. sorted, my CM16 needed updating

  7. A video tutorial about installing this patch would be nice, every time I install it seems to get an error

  8. Rotua Frans Manalu

    hi i am from indonesia i have install patch from moddingway, can i install this one too ?? please help

  9. hope there is a video on step by step on doing all the mods

  10. You go to the tournament tab. But it’s experimental, and I have not tried it.

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