FIFA 15 ANT Patch 2018

FIFA 15 All National Teams Patch 2018 PC (V3.0 – RELEASED. V4.0 – SOON.)

I have made alone the V3.0 myself and this project would end. I would like to thank very much Ovide, who accepted my invitation to complete the project with real life RTWC Russia 2018 qualifiers tournaments. So it was possible to create V4.0. Thanks to Ovide, it was possible that ANT Patch would get even better by RTWC – Road To World Cup. Ovide also improves much of national teams sqads to make our patch more update in V4.0! I appreciate it very much and thank you Ovide in the name of mine and everyone who cares about all the national teams of the world! All National Teams! Thank You Brother :)!

The official video showing the content and the features of ANT Patch 2018 for FIFA 15:

Only ENGLISH version compatibility!

How big is this patch? Basic and clear FIFA 15 after installation is 8,7 GB, after istallation of an old ANT DC Patch is 13,6 GB, after installation of my ANT Patch 2018 is 33,5 GB.

The installation method is simple. Copy and paste into FIFA 15 folder.

Patch will be publish to download for all of you for FREE on Zippyshare in 7Z archive files. I do NOT want and accept ANY finnancial support beacause patch is for FREE for all People who love international football of national teams and your own National Team :).

Check all the new features of this patch:

– More than 200 national teams
– FIFA 15 new look based on World Cup Russia 2018’s theme
– All national teams that took part in 2018 World Cup Qualifying all over the world
– UEFA/AFC/CONCACAF/OFC/CONMEBOL qualifiers can be created and are playable
– All euro, other continents or world cup qualifier groups can be created by custom tournaments option in main menu
– 216 new stadiums in patch related to national teams and some club teams, for example Juventus Turin plays on Stadio Delle Alpi
– All basic club leagues exist and are playable
– Polish Ekstraklasa updated with all stadiums
– Improved database 2018
– Fixed all bugs and update 2018
– Kit update 2018
– New Polsat Sport television logo
– New World Cup Qualfiers scoreboard
– New World Cup Russia 2018 popup
– New flags
– New banners
– New logos
– New gloves
– New boots
– And all continental zones real life qualfiers to World Cup Russia 2018 in ANT Patch V4.0

Credit List V3.0:

Death Command Team – FIFA 15 ANT Patch Version 2.5 2015
Soccer Gaming Community’s Stadium Makers – over 216 new stadiums added
Fabrizzio1985 – FIFA 15 ANT Patch Version 3.0 2018

Credit List V4.0:

Death Command Team – FIFA 15 ANT Patch Version 2.5 2015
Soccer Gaming Community’s Stadium Makers – over 216 new stadiums added
Fabrizzio1985 And Ovide – FIFA 15 ANT Patch Version 4.0 2018

Stages of ANT Patch installation:

(ANT Patch’s archive folder does NOT contain fifa15.exe file. To play ANT Patch it is necessary to have an original and legal version of the game!)

1. Buy the original and legal FIFA 15 game with ENGLISH language available (EA Sports – Respect for a such great football games like FIFA 13, FIFA 14, FIFA 15, FIFA 16!)
2. Install the Origin program
3. Install the fresh FIFA 15 game and choose ENGLISH language available in the game
4. Download ANT Patch archive files
5. Unpack ANT Patch archive files
6. Delete all files from FIFA 15’s folder WITHOUT ONE FILE – your own original and legal file “fifa15.exe” which must be not deleted
7. Copy all files from the unpacked ANT Patch’s archive FIFA 15 folder to the fresh installed FIFA 15 game folder
8. Turn on the Origin program and never download game updates by Origin!
9. Turn off “Origin in game” option (Origin->Application Settings)
10. Turn on Origin OFFLINE option (Origin Menu)
11. Launch the FIFA 15 game and choose only ENGLISH language!!!
12. Create and win your favorite team’s qualifier group and then FIFA World Cup by playing your favorite national team

Drag & Drop Manual Install Not Online Compatible PC Compatible


For support and feedback please post in this forum thread!

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