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Kit design master is a simple tool for Kit editing. There are a lot of nice tools for image editing like Paint, Gimp etc. so I didn’t want to make a general purpose image editor. I wanted just to implement a couple of special features that you cannot find in any image editor. Have you seen the kits used by the creation center for creating kits ? They are kits with red – green – blue colors that the game transforms in colored kits according to the colors of the team. Let me call them “Generic RGB” kits.

The goal of KDM is to transform any kit into a “Generic RGB” kit and then reuse a “Generic RGB” kit for creating a kit with the desired colors. That’s all.

Create a generic RGB kit

With CM 14 or File Master you can export kit textures from the game as a .png file. Starting from any kit it is possible to create a “Generic RGB” kit. Load the kit of a team. Before to do this it is good to remove logos and sponsor so the kit looks generic. On the left there is a box named “Create Generic Kit” with a “Create” button and are 3 slots for colors. Select one slot and then click on the kit for picking up a color. Repeat for all the 3 colors. If you want to use only 2 colors double click on the color that you don’t want to use. At this point you are ready to create the generic kit clicking the “Create” button.

If you are not happy with the result go back to the original kit selecting “Show”- “Loaded Kit” and try again selecting different colors.

A special option is to preserve the captain armband.

Color a generic RGB kit

When you have a “Generic RGB” kit you can use the “Color Generic Kit” section to choose the colors that should replace Red Green and Blue. Click on a slot for selecting a color using a Dialog Box and, finally, click the “Color” button for applying your choice and produce a Colored Kit.

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