Classic Patch 14 v.2.0

Classic Patch 14 by GIGGIRIVA, atomasoni and acicog

The latest version of FIFA Classic Patch 14 is here! No need multiple installation, it’s All-In-One. You have only to replace the “db” folder with our archives. Now available for download featuring many features like:

-World Cup 1930 – 2018 (for 2014 – thanks to FIFA ARGENTINA) (for 2018 – Thanks Ovide)
-Euro Cup 1960 – 2016
-Confederations Cup 1992 – 2017
-World Cup Not Qualified Teams 1930 – 1998 (plus 2014 – thanks to FIFA ARGENTINA)
-Olympic Games 1908 – 1948
-Bicentennial Cup USA 1976
-Mundialito 1980
-Le Tournoi de France 1997

-European Cup 1955-60 – 1960-65 – 1965-70 – 1970-75 – 1975-80 – 1980-85 – 1985-90 – 1990-95 – 1995-00 – 2000-05 – 2005-10
-Latina Cup 1950-55 – 1955-60
-Copa Libertadores 1960-65 – 1965-70 – 1970-75 – 1975-80 – 1980-85 – 1985-90 – 1990-95 – 1995-00 – 2000-05
-Mitropa Cup 1930-35 – 1935-40
-Tournament Expo 1937
-NASL Soccerbowl
-Single tournament European Cup/UEFA Champions league from 1970-71 till 2009-10

How to use DB + dlc?
-DB CLUB + all other dlc




-added 2018 WORLD CUP (thanks to Ovide);
-added finalist of UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup 1990-99;
-Atalanta 1990-95
-Foggia 1990-95
-NK Olimpija Ljubljana 1990-95
-Maribor 1995-00
-HiT Gorica 1995-00
-Obilić 1995-00
-Anderlecht 89-90
-FC Barcelona 90-91
-AS Monaco 91-92
-Werder Bremen 91-92
-Foggia 91-92
-Royal Antwerp 92-93
-NK Olimpija Ljubljana 92-93
-Real Zaragoza 94-95
-Arsenal 94-95
-Parma 95-96
-SK Rapid Wien 95-96
-Paris Saint-Germain 96-97
-Parma 96-97 *Chelsea 97-98
-VfB Stuttgart 97-98
-RCD Mallorca 98-99

-added all UEFA Champions League balls;
-set specific ball for final games of UCL 2000’s;
-set specific ball for final games of WC2006, 2010, 2014, 2018;
-set specific ball for final games of EURO 2008, 2012, 2016;
-updated players overall until 2018;
-updated rosters of 2000’s teams (Club and NT) (thanks to V.K);
-updated the captain of a a lot of 2000’s teams;
-updated some players overall (EURO 2016 / World Cup 2018);
-fixed Sparta Praha 1995-00 crash;
-fixed Gabriel Heinze, will be in only one team in the 2008-09 season;
-fixed Maniche, will be in only one team in the 2007-08 season;
-fixed Yannick Vero;
-fixed roster of Bulgaria 1974;
-fixed roster of Australia 2017;
-fixed a lot of switched numbers on World Cup editions;
-fixed “younger” version of some players;
-fixed bench of England 2006;
-fixed GKs missing gloves;
-fixed outline font of Milan 2009-10;
-fixed numerous missing faces (probably lost during the merging process);
-added nearest 200 faces (thanks to Telega for the PES conversion);
-delete +100 bump files from old conversion;
-delete some crappy old faces;
-fixed Barthez crash;
-fixed Yekini;
-fixed hair position of Steven Gerrard;
-fixed Yordanov;
-added 3rd kit to Arsenal 2001-02 (gold kit);
-added alternate yellow/blue kits for UCL FC Barcelona 2008-09;
-added real font for Italy 1978;
-added referee kits for 2000’s club;
-added real font Algeria 1982;
-added a lot of historic combinations kits (thanks to Fernando Nieto);
-added the 3rd kit of Barcellona 2007-08 (orange kit);
-fixed 3rd kit FC Bayern Munchen 2009-10;
-fixed UCL Real Madrid 2009-10 kits with no sponsor;
-fixed a lot of kits (thanks to Fernando Nieto);
-fixed name and number shorts colours of Poland 2016;
-fixed kits of Manchester United 2008-09;
-fixed the specific font for the GK’s Puma brand for EURO 2008;
-fixed Liverpool 2007-08 (badge, font name color and ID);
-fixed font number Liverpool 2008-09 UCL version;
-fixed GK font number for Inter 2005-10;
-updated kitset of CSKA Moskow 2004-05;
-updated kitset of Zenit 2007-08;
-updated kitset of CSKA Moskow 2009-10;

New shoes (thanks to gurke01):
-1952, Puma Super Atom
-1954, adidas Argentinia
-1958, Puma
-1958, adidas Weltmeister
-1962-66, adidas Chile/Diamond
-1966, Puma Wembley
-1970’s, Puma King
-1970’s, adidas World Cup

New shoes (WC 2018):
-Nike Mercurial Vapor XII Elite, White/Grey/Red
-adidas Copa 18.1, Solar Red/Black/Yellow
-Mizuno Morelia NEO II – PassionRed/White
-Nike Hypervenom Phantom III, White/Grey/Volt
-Nike Magista Opus II, White/Crimson
-Nike Mercurial Superfly VI Elite, White/Grey/Orange
-Nike Tiempo Legend VII, White/Grey/Blue
-adidas Nemeziz 18, Orange/Black
-adidas Predator 18+, Yellow/Black/Red
-adidas X 18+, Blue/Yellow
-adidas X 18.1, Blue/Black/Yellow
-Puma ONE, Shift/Biscay Green
-Puma Future, Shift/Biscay Green

Fixed players shoes of all players of these teams:
-set 1954 adidas Argentinia to Germany 1954
-set 1958 Puma to Brazil 1958 and Sweden 1958
-set 1962-66 adidas Chile/Diamond to Germany 1962
-set 1962-66 adidas Chile/Diamond to Germany 1966
-Kaiserlautern 1950-55
-Hannover 1950-55
-Vfb Stuttgart 1950-55
-England 1958
-Czechoslovakia 1958
-Northern Ireland 1958
-Chile 1962
-England 1962
-England 1966
-Portugal 1966
-Argentina 1966
-Uruguay 1966
-Brazil 1974
-Yugoslavia 1974
-Argentina 1974

Fixed players shoes:
-Duncan Edwards
-John Charles
-Dave Mackay
-Milan Galic
-Florian Albert
-Luciano Spinosi
-Giorgio Chinaglia
-Ricardo Pavoni
-Andreas Ottl
-Leyti N’Diaye
-Alexandru Matel
-Dino Zoff (WC1974 – Tepa Sport)
-Giacinto Facchetti (WC1974 – Tepa Sport)
-Romeo Benetti (WC1974 – Tepa Sport)
-Pietro Carmignani
-Antonio La Palma
-Sergio Santarini
-Giacomo Chinellato
-Albertino Bigon
-Mario Valeri
-Renzo Garlaschelli

Added/updated some stadiums (thanks to all stadium makers):
-Ataturk Olympiat Stadi
-Ekaterinburg Arena
-Estadio Gigante de Arroyito
-Free State Stadium
-Fritz Walter Stadion
-Kaliningrad Stadium
-Loftus Versfeld Stadium
-Luzhniki Stadium
-Mbombela Stadium
-Mordovia Arena
-Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium
-Nizhny Novgorod Stadium
-Peter Mokaba Stadium
-Petrovky stadium
-Rostov Arena
-Royal Bafokeng Stadium
-Samara Arena
-Stadion Dziesieciolecia
-Volgograd Arena

-fixed crash of some dlc;
-fixed players data;
-fixed some modern number fonts;
-added number fonts;

-merged NT and CLUB versions in one database (not working) to have unique IDs;
-deleted a lot of speacial letters to gain much space on name table;
-fixed data players;
-fixed number fonts;
-fixed missing gloves for some GKs;
-added jersey fonts;




It’s recommended to use a clean install of FIFA 14 for this patch. No other patches installed.

Manual Installation:
-uncompress the rar files;
-overwrite the Game folder (yes to all);
-regenerate bh files;

For regenerate you can use these tools:
-File Master by Rinaldo;
-i68 Controller by iard68;
Creation Master 16 by Rinaldo (Tools > Regenerate BH);

NOTE: with the Creation Master you have only to Regenerate BH. Don’t save.




GIGGIRIVA (Database, Kits, Faces, tournaments, Balls, Gloves, Shoes, Adboards, Fonts, Flags, Others Graphics)
andreatomasoni (Database, patch management, adboards)
acicog (Database, Kits, patch website and facebook management)
Abramwade (Pitch pattern used for NASL)
afwan11 (Faces)
ahmedraul777 (Database 2002 WC)
AleGN (WC 2002 Kits)
Alex_AA (Faces)
Andrimod (boots)
anto73 (kits)
arcz (Faces)
arsenal22 (Stadiums)
Babos112 (WC 1998 Jamaica, Scotland, USA Database)
BFL TEAM (Stadiums)
bizzybg (Faces)
BM_raventale (Faces)
Buffon99 (kits)
Cestero (Miniheads)
Chootwice (Miniheads)
clubfan79 (Varius Graphics)
daemon (kits)
darrek1988 (Faces, Stadiums)
Deus84 (Database Research)
DeWoo (Balls)
eapgl.blogsky.com* (faces)
Ealixo (Faces)
EgorPl (Faces)
esteghlal f.c (WC 1998 Kits)
fakefisher (Stadiums)
Fernando Nieto (Kits)
FIFADome (Faces)
Franek93 (Faces)
FV Bart (Faces)
Gonzaga (Stadiums)
graysky (banner)
Guarin_91 (Faces)
gurke01 (Jörg) (Varius Graphics)
gurkenjoe (Miniheads)
HarryBullZak (Faces)
hemiunu (Nike Mercurial 9 SE 15th anniversary)
IL Diavolo (Faces)
Ionutiulian92 (Miniheads)
iwasateenagewer (Miniheads)
ixvitesse (FIfa 15 Xbox Legends Faces)
jackslapd234 (Stadiums)
Jamilovic (Miniheads)
Jan Doromoniec (Tatics)
jiimmyvidic (WC 1998 Chile Database)
Jimboni66 (Varius Graphics)
john_shadow8 (Boots)
Jonix (kits)
jorge78 (Mitre Ball Model, Euro 2000-2004 ball)
josepa94 (Kits)
jovanu1992 (Miniheads)
Lagwagon93 (Faces)
katoon999 (Faces)
maleks2010 (Faces)
mamounet3105 (Kits & Database – kits)
manecobra (Many South American Teams DB)
MarriedJul95 (WC 1998 Colombia Database)
michalskoda (Euro 2004 kits)
MiDoBesT (faces)
migue21sev (Miniheads)
mita996 (Faces)
Moddingway Staff (Faces, Menu Layout)
mfxs17 (Miniheads & Flags)
mundofifakits (kits)
murilocrs (Faces)
Murillo 14 (kits)
OM93 (Kits, wipes3d)
Ovide (Kits, Dressing stadiums, WC 2018 Patch)
pacote (Faces)
plaster (Kits, adboards, graphics)
Pillowbiter (Faces)
PGGloves78 (Gloves)
poliphemus (Stadiums)
RALE (Faces)
ramzidz15 (Faces)
RavenFCB (Stadiums)
Re_coded (Stadiums files)
rescalon (Database Research)
rique (balls)
Robbin (kits)
robeskimo (db Euro 1980-2004 – kit research Euros, research files)
Ron69 (Balls)
Rossoneri22 (Faces)
saintric (Kits)
SC_Fahad (Miniheads)
Sepak (Trophy Models)
Serpicojr (Faces)
shadow_boy32 (Faces)
Shawminator (Stadiums)
SieL23 (Faces)
$ido (Stadiums)
Simo4u (Faces)
skey295 (WC 1990-1994 Kits – Euro 1992 Kits)
Sckrat_Rus (Faces)
Shanrul (Faces)
Sharaevich (Faces)
steven2212 (Miniheads)
Stian (Kits & Miniheads)
Syverud (WC 98 Norway Database)
superwagon (Stadiums)
The Crew (Database 2002 WC)
Telega12 (Faces)
Tilm28 (Kits)
TonyKroos (Kits)
twich (Stadiums)
vinloo (db – kits)
vinloo_9 (Faces, Miniheads)
vickman12 (Fifa 15 Converted Files)
VictorHugoB15 (kits)
vk (Various files and ideas)
yanfer (kits)
yanis080189 (Faces)
willams9991 (Stadiums)
Wallcowicky (Kits, Kitsnumers)
Wujek (Faces)
zubinr9 (Faces, Miniheads)

great thanks to http://www.fifaplanet.de/

http://eapgl.blogsky.com/* faces taken from EAPGL 2.0 MDW patch

great thanks to FIFA ARGENTINA for the 2014 WORLD CUP PATCH, we used a lot of kits and files from them!

a special thanks to Rinaldo for his tools

another special thanks to scouser09 for Revolution Mod 14


Not Compatible With Career Mode Auto Install Not Online Compatible PC Compatible


Report Missing File !

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