FIFA Infinity Patch 14 v.2.0.1

Six years after the release of the first FIP 14 version, we have finally decided to update the mod for the current season.

Following the success of the FIFA Infinity Patch series for the recent FIFA editions, a few months ago we decided to bring back FIP for FIFA 14 as well and today with the guidance and help of the project manager HarryBullZak, we have the pleasure to deliver FIFA Infinity Patch 14 v.2.0!

It’s without saying that FIP 14 v.2.0 is the most complete and up-to-date (2019/20 season) mod for FIFA 14 containing a myriad of features that we will display below:


-All leagues and teams including Brasileirão, Chinese Super League, German 3. Liga, Japanese J1 and Romanian Liga I.
-Rosters (from December 2019 squad file).
-Kit numbers and name fonts.
-Faces (complete list soon).
-Mini faces.
-Team, league and tournament logos.
-Finance (budgets, transfer fees, prize money).
-3D logos used in replay wipes.


-Russian Premier League (not in FIFA 20).
-Greek Super League.
-Czech Fortuna Liga.
-New rest of world teams, including all missing teams from 19/20 CL and EL group stage.
-New national teams.


-All generic team names, tournament names, logos, and kits replaced with real ones.
-All 19/20 UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League teams have real competition kits. Most UEFA CL teams have real kit numbers.
-Referee kits for some leagues.
-Real kit numbers for some teams.
-Real sleeve patches for UEFA competitions.
-New adboards.
-New balls.
-Revolution Mod 14 included.


-Activate additional playable leagues
-Career mode compdata (default). Ability to edit available tournaments.
-Tournament mode compdata (additional tournaments in tournament mode, career mode will not work). Real or random group variations available, also CL including all qualifying rounds and tournament finals only.


Please read the “Read Me” file that you will find in the download folder for Install Instructions and other tips. Also if you wish to reach for support please do it via our forum or discord server.





-Create a v2.00 upload split into parts (via mediafire link)
-Issue with AS Roma crash in Career mode
-Veretout face bug
-Joao Felix face bug
-Fix Juventus kit number colours
-Missing logo in friendly matches
-Update Internationals compdata
-Update Career mode stories
-Updated gk glove pack


-Full glove pack (previews in ‘fip’ folder)
-Added new CONMEBOL competition balls
-Updated European final balls




HarryBullZak – Patchmaking, Database, Graphics, Boots, Gloves, Faces, Balls, Theme
scouser09 – Database, Kits, Graphics, software, scripts
Nafer – Database, Graphics
Mogolos – Database, Kits, Minikits
Damien – Database, Graphics, Artwork
pao4ever – Database, Balls, Boots, Minikits
Makispla – Database, Kits, Minikits
DecoRuiz – Database, Kits, Minikits
dogfood09 – Database
Roman Hovorka – Database
RALE – Faces, Testing
HenriqueMota34 – Faces
Lagwagon93 – Faces
Ealixo – Faces
Krisaju95 – Faces – Kits, Minikits
Semhsdorf11 – Kits, Minikits
The Crew – Kits, Minikits
diazjesux – Kits, Minikits
carrasco1live – Kits, Minikits
victorhugob15 – Kits, Minikits
Pedro10do7 – Kits, Minikits
Josepa94 – Kits, Minikits
Robmar85 – Kits, Adboards
L77 – Kits
OlliX – Kits
Emi Stark – Kits, Minikits
devil 9 – Kits
Rorschach – Kits, Minikits
Caio Morais – Kits, Minikits
DjonatanJG – Kits, Minikits
Lusitania_15 – Kits
df10 – Kits
Voleck – Kits
ZiJeSrbin – Kits
TonyKroos – Kits
Cappo92 – Kits
FifaMan017 – Kits
spica 2019 – Kits
Diegote – Kits
riesscar- Kits, Balls
Ovide – Minikits
AJ007 – Miniheads
Johnny28ua – Balls
Anamorph – Adboards, Graphics
achiles1919 – Adboards
ivansoto18 – Adboards
rique – Adboards
luiz_fer – Adboards
uomomagnetico – Adboards, Banners
DrDoooMuk – Adboards
Pistolitas – Adboards
The Danish – Adboards
PaoloDNY – Adboards
tokke001 – Boot Pack
nabo78 – Boots, Boot Pack
eddyedwards1075 – Boots
Nikhit – Boots
pillowbiter – Boots
john_shadow8 – Boots
mrBear1991 – Boots
xuskan – Boots
Hemiunu – Boots
mh25 – Boots
Alex_10 – Boots
Ayoub AS7 – Boots
rout – Boots
vito – Balls
christophe83460 – Graphics
Leandro Ariagno – Graphics
graysky – Graphics
darrek1988 – Graphics
Prodigy – Tattoos
Ferpock – Tattoos
eafh – Popups
mita996 – File Extraction
JORDINA JESSE – File Extraction
yokaido – File Extraction
The Wizard – File Extraction
Mishuk – File Extraction
kimonos – Testing
shaLovlyandiya35 – Testing
czeBOY – Testing
Rinaldo – Creation Master, DB Master, FifaLibrary16.dll




Career Mode Compatible Drag & Drop Manual Install Not Online Compatible PC Compatible Win10 Compatibility


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