Classic Patch for FIFA14 – UEFA Clubs 1995-00

This pack adds 107 clubs from the era 1995/96 till 1999/00.

– The competition EUROPEAN CUP 1995-00 is built on the model of European Cup of the year 2000, with 2 qualified teams from 8 leagues in the Europe and 1 team from the rest, 2 group phases before the knock out phase;
– Other update has been NEUTRAL stadium for the final matches of the European Cups (from 1955-60 till 1995-00);
– From this release we managed to add also the UEFA Cup, second European competion (in some years more difficult than European Cup as the 2nd, 3rd and 4th of the best leagues competed for this trophy). So you will find UEFA Cup from 1970-75 till 1995-00 included;
– Add flags.

IMPORTANT NOTE: in the Club version the DLC are now three (3): one is DLC for UEFA tournaments till 1990; the second is a DLC for UEFA tournaments from 1990 till 2000; the third one as usual is dedicated to CONMEBOL (not yet updated till 2000, so still till 1995 in this release) and NASL (1975-80).

One small little bug: in the intro match of the UEFA CUP the logo is absent. We will try to fix it soon, it will not affect the game at all anyway.

So, KICK OFF now, the real game is beginning!

Note: This patch is an ALL-IN-ONE and not an update, so be sure to install the patch in a new clean FIFA 14.


Not Compatible With Career Mode Not Compatible With Saved CM Drag & Drop Manual Install PC Compatible


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