Classic Patch for FIFA14 – National Team Edition

This patch adds the following classic tournaments:

  • World Cup 1930 – 2010
  • World Cup Not Qualifing Teams 1930 – 1958 (plus 1978)
  • Euro Cup 1960 – 2012
  • Olympic Games 1948 (Final Four)
  • Mundialito 1980
  • Bicentennial Cup USA 1976

Languages: ENG, ITA, ESP, GER, FRA, POR*, RUS*, NED*
* = National Team have the name in the language of the nation

MORE REALISM: In this version we have update the overalls and the tactics of the players/team of 2000’s. This update guarantees more realism because in the previous version we have taken some db with not correct value. More value of the players (obviously only legend players) are the same that release the official FIFA videogame on FUT.
The teams of this tournament have this update: Euro Cup 2000, Euro Cup 2004, World Cup 2006, Euro Cup 2008, World Cup 2010, Euro Cup 2012. For the World Cup 2002 we have update only this teams: Brazil, Germany, Turkey, South Korea, Spain, England, Danmark, Sweden, Italy, Portugal, Croatia, France, Slovenia, Argentina.

NEW FACES: We add some new faces to some players!!!

Probably we release a fix that update all the 2002WC teams and some errors (like the wrong boots assigned to a players).


Not Compatible With Career Mode Not Compatible With Saved CM Drag & Drop Manual Install PC Compatible


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