UCL 12-13 Referee Kit Pack

Our team mate darxxx is back with the new Uefa Champions League Referee Kit Pack for the 12/13 season!

The kit pack contains the:

– Yellow UCL Referee Kit

– Blue UCL Referee Kit

– Black UCL Referee Kit

Note: Now inside the Read Me file you can find the special codes to install this kit pack with Revolution Mod 13!

Update: There were two missing kits in the 6 available referee kits per set. Now it has been fixed. Just re-download and install the patch.

Career Mode Compatible Compatible With Saved CM Manual Install Online Compatible PC Compatible Needs Revolution Mod


Report Missing File !

Author: darxxx


  1. why aren’t the referees in barcelona’s jersey?? such a disgrace!

  2. naka:

    link dead

    Patch reuploaded!

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