Boot Fix Patch V.1.0

After EA’s last Winter Transfers Update many users have encountered the boot bug problem where all players had the generic black-white boots assigned. Thanks to scouser09 this bug has been fixed and you can download it down bellow!

-playerboot table fix for DB (optional).
-Lists of boot assignments, differents versions for whether DB fix is applied.
-Script to convert boot assignments to player specific boots.
-All specific boots extracted from FIFA 13 (by EA Sports).


Career Mode Compatible Compatible With Saved CM Manual Install Online Compatible PC Compatible


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Author: scouser09



  1. can you tell me where are nike mercurials vapor 9? ronaldo, hazard has such boots. are they in the fix? if yes, please tell me their ID

  2. i did all according to instruction, but everybody, who had mercurials before have them, except hazard. everybody has normal orange mercurials, but hazard has mercurials without any color) sorry for my english

  3. Please, what does this step mean? – Copy boot assignments from lua files to statements.txt and save.

  4. Please make a video tutorial . Thanks .but i dont understand how to install

  5. is not working i can`t put the boots in statements

  6. cool bro!
    very useful!

  7. Please, make a video tutorial!

  8. can u say how to use this patch?
    video tutorial will be good seen. 🙂

  9. dude please but a video or instructions

  10. Damien


    can u say how to use this patch?
    video tutorial will be good seen. :)

    All the intstructions are available in the Read Me file.

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