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Hi friends. It is a little bit that I do not update the site but during the week-end I had some free time so I have finalized a simple but useful tool UGC Master 12 for extracting data from the “User Generated Contents” that you can download from the EA Creation Center.

After downloading, in your FIFA 12 folder you will find a file named “UG something”. With this tool you can open the file and unpack its content in a folder of your choice. You will find there a database file that yoy can open with DB Master 12 and several .png files. Enjoy !

How to use:

  • 1) Open a UG file
  • 2) Unpack its content into a folder of your choice, you will see a database file that you can open with DB Master and several png files.

This is a Beta version, it means that it may contain bugs that could damage your installation of FIFA 12. It is strongly recommended that you make back-up of your FIFA 12 files.

Auto Install PC Compatible


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Author: Rinaldo

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