Generic Adboards

Today I  present you my first patch for FIFA 12: a generic adboards patch! You can choose from 3 versions of generic adboards to play!

The patch contains 3 versions:

– Version 1

Verison 2

– Version 3 (Mix of v.1 & 2)


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Author: Damien

Co-Founder of FIFA-Infinity.com, Juventus supporter, Graphic Designer, FIFA Modder in spare time and lately an Ultimate Team fanatic!


  1. Good job man. Better than the out of the box adboards.

  2. it´s says that he did not find the exe in the given folder.. Gave the exact folder where the game is installed

  3. i installed the patch but i don’t see any change.can you please help me?

  4. Damien

    Be sure that the regenerator has the right path adress to the FIFA 12 folder!If it doesn’t right-click on the regenerator and set the right game folder!After that regenerate.

  5. it works.thanks.i didn’t choose the fifa folder.do you now enything about crlp 12?

  6. Damien


    CRLP 12 is in development stage now!All i can say is that there will be a CRLP 12 but we dont know yet when,since we dont have the proper tools at the moment to have a 100% working patch!

  7. Thanks for the adboards!

    Do you guys know whether there will be a Champions League/Europa League patch or something like that for FIFA 12? It sucks to play the Champions Cup without the proper adboards, stadium atmosphere, Champions League/Europa League anthem, scoreboards, trophy and so on.

    It could be an awesome addon.

    BTW, awesome site!

  8. I have installed but no change … I have checked the main folder for the i68 and all ok but after the regenerate no change!!
    help 🙂

  9. Damien

    Try to regenerate 2 times!

  10. Hi. I did like you said on the read me file, but then the adboards doesn’t work when i go to the match. So what’s the exactly directory where i should install the adboards? if you could explain me step by step you’ll really help me so much damien.

    Thanks, JONAS

  11. Damien

    Mate please check that the path on the regenerator is rightIf it’s not correct then right-click on the regenerator and put the right path to the FIFA 12 folder.Afterwards regenerate with the last option of the regenerator!

  12. Hi again. I just wonna say thanks to damien because after you tips i went try again and now the adboards really works. Thanks damien.


  13. Thank you man! Everything works perfectly!!

  14. Is there a adboard patch availible for fifa 12 in ps3???

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