FIFA 10 Master Tools Suite

Pack contains setups for the following editing tools by Rinaldo:

Creation Master: THE Editor.
Release 10.3

Sound Master: Edit commentaries, chants and songs.
Release 10.2

DB Master: Edit any FIFA 10 database in tabular format.
Release 10.3

File Master: Navigate the FIFA 10 file system.
Release 10.3

Internal Master: Edit career, pro and other files created bi FIFA 10 in a tabular format.
Release 10.2

Manager Master: Visual editor for your career.
Release 10.1

Kit Design Master: Create new kits, fonts, boots, balls.
Release 10.1

Face Design Master: Create new faces.
Release 10.3

Free Kick Master: Edit corner and freekick setplays.
Release 10.2

CMS Patch Converter: Convert any patch in a CMS compliant patch
Beta 3

Animation Master: Edit Animations
Beta 2


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Author: Rinaldo

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