FIFA 08 Master Tools Suite

This package contains the latest version of all the FIFA Master tools for editing FIFA 08:

CM08 = Creation Master 08 – The most popular editor for editing any aspect of your FIFA 08.
MM08 = Manager Master 08 – Edit your career.
SM08 = Sound Master 08 – Edit commentary, chant and songs.
ABM08 = ArmBand Master 08 – Patch + Editor to have specific armband to each team
FKM08 = Free Kick Master 08 – Edit the schemes used during free kicks or corners
FATM08 = FAT Master 08 – Regenerate the File Allocation Table of FIFA 08 plus diagnostic info.
SMC08 = Save My Career – Recover your careers and make it compatible with you current main database.
FileM08 = File Master 08 – Browse you FIFA 08 file system, import and export any file.
DBM08 = DB Master 08 – Generic editor for any database file of your FIFA 08
IM08 = Internal Master 08 – Generic editor for files saved by FIFA 08

You need to install .NET Framework 2.0 in orer to run any of these tools.


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