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Compatibility Icons Legend

CM comp  The mod/tool is compatible with the Career Mode but not with saved careers! You mus re-start your career after you apply this mod.
CM non comp  The mod/tool is not compatible in any way with the Career Mode.
cm saved  The mod/tool is compatible with saved careers. You can continue your career after you apply this mod.
cm saved not The mod/tool is not compatible with saved careers!
online   Mod/tool is online compatible and won’t affect any online game modes like Seasons or Ultimate Team.
no online  Mod/tool is not online compatible. The mod will work only when the game is set offline.
rmicon  The mod/patch needs Revolution Mod in order to work.
CMP  The mod/patch is available in CMP format.
installauto  The mod/patch is available as an Auto-Install.
drag  The mod/patch is available as a Drag-and-Drop install.
manual  The mod/patch is available as Manual Install.
pc  Mod/Tool compatible with PC. (Windows XP, 7, 8)
xbox  Mod/Tool compatible with Xbox consoles.
ps  Mod/Tool compatible with PS consoles.
win10  Mod/Tool compatible with Windows10.
no win10  Mod/Tool NOT compatible with Windows10.