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FIFA 10 League & Team Names Patch

With This Patch You Will Now Have The Correct League & Tournament Names W/ Added Trophies For Uefa Tournaments & World Cup. Make A BACK UP Of Your FIFA.DB ! You CANNOT continue a saved CAREER ! Installation Install W/ ...

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Today, we are proud to RELEASE one stuff for you. It’s NEW TELE CAMERA patch by MONKEYDRAGON. Nothing to say much more about the WORST TELE on FIFA 10. Now, we push you back with 09′ feeling.

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Duong’s Match Graphics Replacement Fusion 10

*Duong’s Match Graphics Replacement 10: DMGR *ENB Series (developed by Boris Vorontsov): Fusion -With this patch, DMGR is automatically integrated into your FIFA 10 and transforms its entire match graphics visuality. -With a Shift+F12 press on your keyboard, the game ...

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This patch edits some Fifa files in order to have a more realistic and coloured sky rather than the faded sky of original Fifa. Note: This patch is not related to particular stadiums, so it works well with every stadium ...

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Armband Patch 10

NEW IN VERSION 1.1: Added two new functions: 1) the program can process generic goalkeeper kits 2)  the program can process referee kits giving them a black armband for the right wrist tape. INSTALLATION: Just run this video setup and ...

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