FIFA 18 CG File Explorer

A new era for the FIFA 18 modding starts today! After many months of hard work in collaboration with Rinaldo, Shawminator has finally released the ultimate editing tool for FIFA 18, CG File Explorer!

Read carefully the documentation included to find out how to install and deal with this tool. If you find any problem ask for support here :

– Soccergaming Forums – Official Thread

– Discord Channel

Auto Install PC Compatible Win10 Compatibility


Report Missing File !

Author: shawminator



    i have no idea this is why i ask, is this better than frostyeditor?

  2. because , this is better brother Creation Master 😛

  3. This application made a lack of RAM and crash on my PC, everytime I tried to apply mods on them.
    And if I do not open the “manager” and just try to apply the mod, I receive a message that is “loaded” but the mod is not applied.
    I’ts very buggy.

  4. Works here, do you reload the squads in fifa? Coz if you don’t, changes will not be reflected.

  5. For some reason I can’t select Ter-Stegen, it’s like the first “T” is some kind of special character that glitches. He appears in the line ups but you can’t go into his player profile.

  6. i cant open this application when i open its quit

  7. thank’s bro

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