Filipino Legends (Fifa 16)

Paulino Alcántara was the guy that scored the most goals in FC Barcelona history before Messi. It is said that his kick was so powerful it could rip through the goal net. Alcántara always wore a white scarf tied round his waist.


Manuel Amechazurra, “El aventurero”

It was Manuel Amechazurra, not Paulino Alcantara, who was the first Asian-born footballer to play in FC Barcelona. He played for the club between 1905 and 1915, 7 years earlier before Alcantara joined Barca. It was during Amechazurra and Alcantara’s time when Barca won their first Spanish Championship by beating Espanol de Madrid 3-2 in the final (May 26, 1910).

He is known for being the first “professional” FC Barcelona player.
(And by professional, we mean paid.)

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